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I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, I know I sure did, which is why I was late visiting this latest round of Uber, the last round of 2016. It didn't disappoint and here I present some of my favorite picks. On top of that Doux released three new hairstyles at their mainstore, my favorite of the three being Freedom, it looks gorgeous on it's own, and also paired up with their Mesh Bangs, which can be bought separately. This will be my last post of the year, I hope you all have a happy New Year, and I hope that I can improve and become a better blogger throughout 2017. 
Hair - DOUX - Freedom
Bangs - DOUX - Mesh Bangs [Style 1]
Dress - Rebel Gal - Rosemary Lace Dress (@Uber)
Coat - Rebel Gal - Friso Leather Coat (@Uber)
Boots - Rebel Gal - Bella Leather Boots (@Uber)
Choker - Minimal - Vanity Choker (@Uber)
Necklace - Minimal - Vanity Necklace [Gold] (@Uber)
Shades - Foxy - High On Love Sunglasses
Lips - L'Etre - Cati Lipstick [#3]
Eyeshadow - L'Etre - Luminosite Eyeshadow [#2]
Blush - L'Etre - Cheeks Highlight [Soft]
Backdrop - RAMA - #selfie_RAMA RAMA Display RARE

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