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If you haven't been to Hairology yet, you should. My good friend Stealthic released two new hairs and they're gorgeous, one of which I'm wearing at the moment. On top of that, if you've been living under a rock, you might be unaware that there's a currently a 50% off EVERYTHING sale going on at Erratic until the 16th, so make sure you check that out while you still can!

Hair - Stealthic - Babydoll (@Hairology)
  Lingerie - Erratic - Delice Lingerie - Nude
Robe - Erratic - Allure - Satin Robe - Nude
Choker - MazyChain - Twisted Choker
Eyeshadow - L'Etre - Misato Eyeshadow #02
Lipstick - Studio Exposure - Desire Reflect Lipstick vers.09
  Brows- Studio Exposure - Magazine Pack - Mystic Brows (@anyBODY)
Lashes - Studio Exposure - Magazine Pack - Mystic Lashes (@anyBODY)
Phone - MUSCHI - MyPhone

Check it out on Flickr!

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  1. Beautiful, would you mind sharing the skin you are wearing?

    1. Hey thank you so much, In this picture I'm wearing the L'Etre Sarah skin in the sandy tone <3